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Professor Judy Grimes - Elmhurst College & Indiana State University Connection
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Contributions of Professor Judy Grimes


~ How it all started ~

           In the spring of 1977 Professor Judith E. Grimes, then from Indiana State University, visited the Island of Jamaica with her band.  During the musical tour, her ensemble performed at Cornwall College where she met James Lloyd Whinstanley and Headmaster Crick.  Later that fall Mr. Whinstanley contacted Professor Grimes and asked her to be a part of a project in his school. His new assignment had taken him across town from Cornwall College to Herbert Morrison Comprehensive High School, now Herbert Morrison Technical School.  Professor Grimes agreed to help and plans were underway. 

           In the beginning stages of the program Professor Grimes provided assistance both with musical equipment and teachers for the program.   Professor Grimes lived in Jamaica the Fall of 1979 and the very first "live" performance of the Herbert Morrison Band was in November of 1979.  Professor Grimes was conducting, Mr. Whinstanley, the mayor, Billy Cooke and even Dr. Herbert Morrison himself were in the audience. 

Professor Grimes later moved to a position at Elmhurst College in the Chicago area, but she continues to be a major part of the band program by conducting clinics twice a year, donating supplies and bringing teachers in training to the school to participate.



The Western Jamaica International Music Festival started when Professor Grimes saw the need for the students in the developed band programmes to showcase their musical talents to the wider Montego Bay community.  This festival hosted annually in Western Jamaica by several schools including Sam Sharpe Teachers' College showcases the innate musical talents that our students possess.  International participants include:
       Indiana State University
       Elmhurst College
       Ron Cali High School 
Local participants include:
          Herbert Morrison Technical High School
          Mt. Alvernia High School
          Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club
       Sam Sharpe Teachers' College Community Band
       Montego Bay High School
       Kings Chapel Band 
The venue for concert performances for the Western Jamaica International Music Festival varies each year depending on available venues.  Concerts have been held at:
           Herbert Morrison Technical High School
           Sam Sharpe Square
       The Verney House Hotel
       Mt. Alvernia High School
       Sam Sharpe Teachers College
       Montego Bay High School
       York Castle High School Browns Town, St. Ann
       Whitehall Preparatory School Negril, Westmoreland


Profile - Professor Grimes' musical love affair with Jamaica

Jamaica Gleaner Article -

Sunday, March 17, 2002. 

Clink on link below to view article on Professor Grimes.

by:Clive Simpson Freelance Writer